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When Timm started his first business at 15, one of the first branded items he had made was a tee shirt.  From that time he has been a t-shirt guy, since the beginning it has always been a challenge to find a t-shirt that fit right, looked good, and that was conformable… as he continued in the business world, he took the time to try and find that perfect tee, it just didn’t exist.  Timm found some awesome tees in searching but who wants to spend $60+ on a tee shirt.

So it became a quest:  a super soft, super comfortable, high quality…you know a RAD tee.  He looked at current manufactures, talked to folks in the industry, went to garment producing shops, cut & sew houses…AND finally after hours, days, months, years… He did it.

Ridiculously Rad Tees was born.  We have the best tees on the market.  The Official Tee for Men™.  Our shirts work great on their own, dressed up, during a good work out, hidden under a dress shirt, no matter how you choose to wear them.  You will be impressed with your Ridiculously Rad Tee.

Founded: 2017
Headquarters: Orange County, CA
Availability: Everywhere (Worldwide)

Our Tees

Our Ridiculously Rad Tees are a favorite all around the world.  Made with a 100% ring spun cotton.  The result is a ridiculously soft, lightweight, comfortable and super durable tee.

Designed with a modern fit, look super stylish and accurate in size.

By the way, we pre-launder every one of them so they will stay true to fit and form.

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